Hello everyone!! Well, it's been a long time, a long road but it's bound to be a beautiful journey ahead. Carolyn and I lost our home in a storm year and a half ago and are still fighing with the insurance company. They always say though, when one door closes a window opens and it's true!! When we lost our home we lost our studio as well. We had to stop touring and deal with everything going on at home. We were asked to come into our local record store to pick up some cd's we had on sale there. The gentleman who owned the store told us that his wife had passed away and he was going to have to sell the store. We were heartbroken. As we sarted to leave he said. "Hey, you two should buy the store, it would be perfect.." We thought it would be impossible considering all that we had going on but we also couldn't imagine not having a record store in our hometown. We also needed something positive in our lives...so last August Carolyn and I became the proud owners of Rockin Robin Records in Brevard, NC. We are having our official grand re-opening Saturday June 25th and would love to see everyone there. We are going to have live music all day from 10-9. We will put up the official schedule soon but we know for sure we are playing at 6:00. Also..more good news. Carolyn has officially joined the band (the band meaning me) making us an official duo (with a larger band sometimes).We are calling ourselves HIghway and will be making a new website soon. Be on the lookout for more stuff soon!

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