Square Root this Friday night September the 30th. Going to be a bit chilly so I think we'll play inside around 9pm!!

Also Carolyn and I are going to be doing a duo show for a Breast Cancer Benefit Saturday October 1st down at The Corn Maze in Brevard, NC. We are playing at 5pm but come on out during the day the festival runs all day and it's for a wonderful cause please support these folks!!

Blown glass is going to be rockin' the Creekside Market this Saturday Sept. 24TH.  Show starts around 5pm until around 8 or so. They are having a big fish fry and we are going to have lots of fun. Come on out it's an outdoor show so bring a chair and a buddy. Make sure you've got your dancin' shoes on!
For those of you who don't know. Creekside Market is located in Cedar Mountain off of 276 (s) on the Right hand side of the road if your headed towards SC.

Looking forward to an awesome weekend!! Friday night  the 16th we are playing at The Square Root in Brevard, NC at 8pm. Saturday the 17th we are playing the Harvest Time Gathering at THe Corn MAze in Brevard, NC. That show starts at 4:45 but it's going to be a fun filled day so get out enjoy the other bands, the artists and all the blessings of the harvest. See you there!!

Hey blown glass fans..join us on the patio at The Square Root in Brevard, NC this Friday Night..where  Blown Glass will be rockin it out!

Can't wait to see you there

Thanks for everything

Carolyn, Robert and Keturah

Creekside Market Outdoor Show! Food, Fun, and music!! Bring your own beverage!!
Hey Guys!! We are playing as our new Band Blown Glass..this Friday night at the Square Root in Breavrd Nc and Saturday for the Southern Exposure Radio Show at the Gazebo in Downtown Brevard at 7pm. That's 1240 am on your dial WSQL... Thaanks again
Hey ya'll check us out tonight on 1240 am WSQL Brevard, NC we'll be on a show called Southern Exposure. It's going to be awesome!
Hello everyone!! Well, it's been a long time, a long road but it's bound to be a beautiful journey ahead. Carolyn and I lost our home in a storm year and a half ago and are still fighing with the insurance company. They always say though, when one door closes a window opens and it's true!! When we lost our home we lost our studio as well. We had to stop touring and deal with everything going on at home. We were asked to come into our local record store to pick up some cd's we had on sale there. The gentleman who owned the store told us that his wife had passed away and he was going to have to sell the store. We were heartbroken. As we sarted to leave he said. "Hey, you two should buy the store, it would be perfect.." We thought it would be impossible considering all that we had going on but we also couldn't imagine not having a record store in our hometown. We also needed something positive in our lives...so last August Carolyn and I became the proud owners of Rockin Robin Records in Brevard, NC. We are having our official grand re-opening Saturday June 25th and would love to see everyone there. We are going to have live music all day from 10-9. We will put up the official schedule soon but we know for sure we are playing at 6:00. Also..more good news. Carolyn has officially joined the band (the band meaning me) making us an official duo (with a larger band sometimes).We are calling ourselves HIghway and will be making a new website soon. Be on the lookout for more stuff soon!

Hello All!!! Just a few words about November 21-if you get a chance, go to the Piedmont Wildlife Center if you are in the Raleigh/Durham area.They are holding a silent auction with great items & they are also showing a dvd about their center & camp & "Muddy River" will be the music for it-we were very honored to be asked-this is one of the causes we are passionate about- here is the link if you would like to know more www.piedmontwildlifecenter.org/

Well, the Tundra just keeps on truckin'....Carolyn and I are having one interesting time out here on these great back roads. We got lost in Virginia, got fueled up in Philly, and paid in Massachusetts!! Thanks again all you folks back home and all our new friends we've met on the road...We'll keep you posted.
Hello Everyone...greetings from the road. Carolyn and I had an amazing wedding. Thanks again to all of our friends and family that attended...we love you all very much! We are out here now on the great highways and byways of the East coast, meeting lots of great people and having lots of great fun! Check out the pics from the Blue Bayou Club in Hillsborough, NC...yeehaw..fun times! Talk to you guys real soon. Carolyn and Keturah
As some of you know Carolyn and I are getting married next Saturday. We are both very excited to be able to share our big love with our friends and family. We will be going on a long trip afterwards but no worries we'll keep you all posted on our progress! Keep supporting independent music...we couldn't do it without you!
Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that we are still working out some kinks on the site and haven't been able to link up to cd baby yet. You can go directly to their site however, www.cdbaby.com if you would like to listen to and purchase this Album. Thanks for your patience!
Good news folks. The new Album arrived this morning. Ready to go from our home to yours for your listening pleasure. The "official" release date is Monday September 18th. You fine folks online will be able to purchase it after the 18th through Cd Baby..just follow the link attached to this website. For our friends and neighbors close by, you can purchase it at various local outlets..including Rockin' Robin in Brevard, NC, Harvest Records and Karmasonics in Asheville, NC. Thanks again for all your support. Enjoy!

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