Hello Ladies!! I hear you two are opening for The Vagina Dialogues at The Porter Center next Saturday....is that true?? You rock!!!
hello ladies great time at davids talk to frien tonight about you and she wanted to know about June 9 see your at creek side but this would be a grad party mo money just checking she wanted to know cause i said you guys were GREAT e-mail and facebook not working so can you call if interested 883-8187 Thanks again hope you enjoyed party favors of life saver and so on Love ya Steph
Dear Carolyn, We met when you and Keturah came into Batteries Plus for a battery for your 4 wheeler.It took me a while to listen to your CD because it wouldn’t play in my van. I just plugged it into my PC and WOW.. I loved it.In the tradition of my favorites.... Jim Croce and Johnny Rivers old acoustic stuff, I think your music, lyrics, and overall sound it right up there! I will look for you to play in town.Thank you again for the disc. I will share it with as many folks as I can. Terry Costelloe
You ROCK! :)
So glad to see you're still making music, dear friend. I miss you. Stay happy and singing.
Hey guys....told u id check u out! I work at the clock in brevard. Sold yall some chicken the other day! Love the music....looking forward to seeing you in person!
Hey guys! I met yall at the clock saturday :) great music, yall should put some more upbeat songs to hear! You both have awesome voices:)
Hey guys! So glad you all are going to be preforming at the Micheal and Cortney Jacques Benefit on April 28! thank you all so much, and looking forward to meeting you all and hearing you play live! I know Cortney and Micheal appricate it, I know i do! This is going to be a great blessed time. See ya'll soon<3jessy
Blown Glass rocks!!! You guys are awesome-can't wait 'til your next gig!!! See you at The Quarry! There's a rumor you will be adding a Baby grand piano that night-is that true?
Hello there ladies. We are the campers that wandered into your campsite at Black Forest 4th of July week. Just wanted to let you know we have listened to the CD we purchased many times now. I so enjoy it. Would love to know when and where you will be playing in the near future as we would love to come and see you. CD is my new favorite.
Hello-just heard that you two are going to be back in the Chicagoland area soon-could you please let us know details-dates & places & also if you might be available to perform a private party while you are here-I put all my contact info on your list-Thank you so much!!!! We are very excited about hearing you again!!!!!
hi ladies!! i was wondering if you could get in touch with me sometime soon? been tryin to get in touch with you but with no success. :o) my email is tasharae169@yahoo.com
hello keturah and caroline!! i just dropped in to say hi!! and to tell you that i hope to see the both of you soon!!
awesome party-thanks so much for agreeing to play for it & for having your cd available-now I can play the songs over & over again!!!!Let me know where ur playing next-can't wait!!!
Thank you bringing inspiration & light into my home-bought your cd & was so pleased to find out that within the darkness & despare that comes so often in this life hope still prevails!! And rocks out!!!!!
Hey there, Ladies!!! Loved the CD-really looking forward to Thursday-at the Red Lion-right? Will definately be there with bells on (haha)so glad there is still good music out there!!!!!
Hey, It was great to see you last night..Had a blast! I wish we could of stayed later...Keep following your Bliss!!! See you next time. TREE
Keturah & Carolyn-Thank you so much for coming up to put on a concert for everyone here on Tar Ridge, sorry we couldn't make it, Andy had had a long day at the hospital and doctor and was just so tired he had to lay down as soon as we got home. Thank you guys for all you've done for us and can't wait to hear Andys song. Love you guys ps-thanks for the DVD it's awesome
WOW!! Awesome!! You and Carolyn rocked the Ridge, and I am thrilled that it was in my home.That was one terrific concert you put on! I saw nothing but smiles from everyone in the room.Now how cool is that?! Can't wait till "next time".
You guys rocked the gallery-is it true that there might be a dvd of that gig available for sale????? That would be kick "ss!!!!!!!
Really enjoyed hearing you at the Wine Bar in Flat Rock!
Love the new updated website!I was hoping a new Cd would be out,I check in often,cause we LOVE KETURAH on the Ridge!!!I envy all those lucky people who are gonna hear you sing on the 23rd.When you coming back "home"?? Say Hi to Carolyn too!
Yeah! updated website...see you on Sat. the 23rd-can't Wait!!!!!!
Just wanted to wish you both a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year from Tar Ridge!
hay!! good project :) senks :)
Just wanted you to know how much John and I enjoyed your outdoor concert in Prentiss last night!You have a beautiful voice, and we loved your music.Hope you make the move to Maine, and when you come out with your second CD, put us on the list! Again it was nice meeting you and Carolyn, we wish the best for you.Thank-you for bringing Tar Ridge together for a wonderful fall evening!We won't forget it.
So, I was checking out the page again and I see from the pics you've been in Philly. That's right freakin around the corner from me. Ya gotta email me the next time you're headed this way so I can swing by and say hey. Its been too long that we've been outta touch. Was listening to Janis singing Bobby McGee on the radio and thinkin of ya just the other day. Anyway, I hope you're well. You got my email addy. I'll keep trying.
i love you
i was told that you would possibly be coming to the big city of prentiss maine, and that you might give us a little show. ever since i heard about it i have been so excited. can't wait to see you!!
i heard your cd the other day and i think that you will go far. i was in awe from the first song, until the very last note. my favorite song is wall street it is beautiful. thank you for making such beautiful music!!
Hey girls.. like the cd.. Hope you go far with it...
An album, a website and a tour?!?!?!? You've been a busy little camper HOORAY!!!!! Miss you and think of you often. Take care.
I love you. Thank you for beautiful music. Hugs and kisses xoxoxox to both of you. Stay happy. Dave & Lorrayne
Got a hold of your CD today from your mom at Bilos and it was great. Thanks for writting and producing your stuff. Shannon
Love you both Love the CD Get home soon Barbara and Stephen
album is amazing you two are amazing saturday will be awesome life is amazing love krum
great journey!!! thanks for the insights!!!
hey great stuff!
love it
you rock me to my soul!!!!!

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